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Minimizing risk while maintaining consistency and holding costs are conflicting goals..whether you are in business or government. Our best-of-class portfolio of solutions assures your billion dollar project is finished on time, within budget with 100% of services operational. Business Process Re-engineering? It's not easy, but it can be done with our expertise. Build Cohesive Teams? Effectively use Intercultural Intelligence? Our Knowledgeworkx™ consultancy expertise can take you over the finish line!



Bleeding edge technology does not have to mean making your accounts bleed red. We help governments and private sector decide what is feasable and what is not quite ready for prime time. With our partners we can help you turn landfill and toxic waste into gold through waste to energy solutions. Protect airports from weaponized drones. We'll show you how to use robotics to extend the security workforce or to help teach programming to seven year olds.

Let us help you increase the fuel efficiency of your gas or diesel fleet by up to 50% while lowering emissions to meet mandated green targets!


It's a different world today with the rise of state-sponsored hacking. It's not a matter whether you've been hacked, rather, but have you noticed?

We don't sell gadgets and gizmos and software bolt-ons...there's plenty of others to do that.

What we will do is examine your multiple layers of security, review the condition of your enterprise network and software solutions, and provide easy to understand advice to mitigate risks in a cost effective way. We will work with you to design a threat model that can guide your cyberdefense strategy...whether you are an enterprise, an IOT manufacturer, or make web apps.




     Since 1992, we have served the Middle East region to make it a better place to live, to do business, to maximize quality while maintaining efficiencies, to bring cutting edge technologies, and to enhance the social life and defense of nations in the region. 

     Through innovations in education, technology, aviation, healthcare, and organizational management, building alliances and nurturing relationships, Captivate Consulting founder Stephen Bennett keeps his eye on the goal of excellence, innovation, and value for his clients.

     It is for this reason that Captivate Consultants continue to be sought out for their expertise, can-do attitudes, exemplary service, and integrity.


9445 Indianapolis Blvd #1093

Highland, IN 46322 


Tel: +1-3142663482

International:  +966537540194

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